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Our Story

Since 1973, Powell Senior Citizens Ago-Go, Inc. (Powell Senior Center) has been serving people aged 60+ in Powell, Wyoming and its surrounding rural areas of Willwood, Ralston, Garland, and Clark. 


We are a private, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Our mission is to empower and encourage individuals in our community to be independent. To achieve this mission, we provide seniors with a comfortable place to socialize and meet their educational, nutritional, and physical needs in one place. For those unable to come to the center, we extend services to their homes.

Our services enable independence. According to one of our senior clients, “I would not be able to make any of my weekly appointments without the rides from the Senior Citizens’ Bus. I would be stuck in my home all the time.”


Being stuck in one’s home is not healthy. Our ADA-accessible vehicles ensure all our seniors and community members have access to our facility, as well as to organizations and businesses throughout our community. One regular user of our public transportation describes our staff as “helpful, kind, polite, and prompt.” We value having these traits and being an appreciated resource in our community.

By working with other organizations with a common goal of empowering and encouraging individuals in our community to be independent, we serve our seniors and community more effectively, comprehensively, and purposefully. We have numerous community partners who work closely with the Powell Senior Center. We collaborate with Park County Public Health, the Department of Family Services, the Powell Police Department, local medical facilities, and our local Adult Protective Service Team.


While we receive funding from different sources to run our program and transportation services, our main sources of funding are from Title III Grants. The Older American Act authorizes these grants, and the State of Wyoming, Department of Health, and Aging Division/Community Living Section administer these grants. Each of these grants requires income and local match money from our center. We also receive yearly grants from the Wyoming Senior Services Board (WSSB), Park County Commissioners, the City of Powell, and the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  In 2021, we received our first grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation. Additionally, we engage in local fundraising, which provides us with revenue, as well as publicity and support from our community.

Powell, Wyoming

Powell is a rural town located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, 75 miles east of Yellowstone National Park. It sits amid the Big Horn Basin in Park County with the Beartooth, Pryor, Absaroka, and Big Horn Mountain ranges surrounding it.


The population of Powell is 6,180. Old-fashioned values and friendly people are the way of life in Powell. It is a welcoming community with clear blue skies, abundant outdoor recreation, vast amounts of public land, and beautiful scenery.


Key industries of Powell are irrigated farming, livestock and ranching, tourism, oil, and agriculture support services. Sugar beets, barley, and pinto beans are the most commonly grown cash crops, and beef production is another important facet of the Powell economy.


Powell is home to the Homesteader Museum, which presents over 50 years of local homesteading, community development, and family stories. The museum shows how Powell—as well as the Big Horn Basin (our surrounding area)—is a prime example of the U.S. Reclamation Act’s role in settling the West.


Powell is also home to the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. This center provides an overview of the WWII relocation of Japanese-Americans. It features photographs, artifacts, oral histories, and interactive exhibits to enable visitors to experience life at Heart Mountain through the eyes of those confined. 


Furthermore, Powell is a college town. It is the home of Northwest College, a public community college.

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